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Lean Build

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What's Included? 

  • Weekly Strength & Mass Building Workouts💪🏽
  • Weekly Periodized Progressions📈 
  • Video Demos for each exercise📲
  • Interactive Workout Calendar📆

How Does It Work? 

The Build training system is designed to increase lean muscle mass through using Cali Fit Training methods such as Real-Failure, Decreased Pace Eccentric Movement, and more. By increasing the amount of lean muscle mass, the body’s metabolism increases further helping transform body composition. This program has been developed by Certified Personal Trainer, Kahlil Roth-Folly, and has been proven to generate complete transformations when used accordingly. 

*This program requires access to a gym OR free weights.* 

Why should I choose this guide?

If we’re being real, this is the guide that I wish I would’ve had access to when I was just getting started in the gym. The training combines my personal experience in the gym transforming my own physique, as well as the invaluable experience I've gained from helping male clients gain lean muscle. You’ll be training to build the foundation of your best physique while at the same time pushing yourself to become more athletic and functionally fit.

Lean Bulk Transformations