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Within the first few weeks, I was down 10+ pounds and saw a noticeable change in appearance.

I also experienced a drastic increase in strength and endurance, and gained confidence both inside and outside the gym

Olivia Miller


"Helped me develop my technique and strength.

After a few weeks, I could see some differences in my physique and I started to gain confidence.

After a few months, the difference in my body was quite noticeable "

Maurice Glass


Cali Fitness taught me the importance of form, dedication, AND maintaining your goals.

Since starting this journey, I can definitely tell a difference in my physique, confidence, and mental strength!

Kennedi Keyes


"Constantly varied my exercises and switched up workouts. The best part is I saw results in the first week!"

Thomas Griddine


Over time I began to notice that I was meeting my weight goal and I was so happy that this happened.

I felt like I had a lot more energy as I continued to work out and built my endurance up

Danyell Becton


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